I’m sitting in the Grandin CoLab working on a rewrite of Judgment of Parrish, guided by some editor notes and my own scribblings. This is the stage where writing becomes real work and, honestly, not as much fun. That’s why I’m breaking to write this entry. Plus it’s almost lunch time.

When I’m done with this draft, I’ll post an entry about rewriting (a subject on which I actually taught a whole class!). But until then, I recommend this brief, but provocative article from ScreencraftThree reasons why you should write your first draft by hand. I do prefer to write a detailed outline with pen and paper, replete with myriad arrows and scratch-outs. There are many benefits to writing by hand, not to mention the best endorsement of all: the vast majority of the world’s classic literature were written by hand!

I explored some other advantages of stylus over keyboard in another post, but this line in the Screencraft article jumped out:

I had planned to write a feature screenplay I had been thinking about for three years, and I couldn’t help but check my phone all of the time.

And with that, back to my rewrite!