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See that link up there in the top right corner? That’s a novel I’m writing under coronavirus lockdown. It was a screenplay, but didn’t really work. I’m not sure it’s working as a book. But with all film production on hold, can you think of something better to do?

Behold, squires! The mighty music of John Winn, finally digitized for the 21st century! For musings on Beyond Expectations, see my last post. Theme from Beyond Expectations Time for Cake Gina and Rennie Gina and Rennie (Wedding Mix) Just Walk Away Penny and P.J. Chapter 1: The Way Things Are Penny and P.J. Chapter 2: Penny […]

The best characters are little people with outsized ideas of where they should be. East Side Sushi, a small, low-budget indie, is populated with them. But the scale and proportionality is important – these are not people who aim to be astronauts, CEOs or leaders of the free world. A job with health benefits will […]

A lot has happened since my last post, in February of 2018. First, I changed out the Judgment of Parrish page for Advocate + Guardian. Back in 2015(!), I paused production on Judgment of Parrish when it won the FadeIn grand prize and was being circulated among producers, none of whom want a movie already in the works. Nobody […]

Sunday marked the death of Idrissa Ouédraogo, Burkina Faso’s most renowned filmmaker. If you haven’t heard of him, that’s okay. Most people haven’t heard of Burkina Faso. I wouldn’t know Ouédraogo’s work either if not for a free film series I attended faithfully when I lived in Richmond. Even though my degree is in film […]

My kids have been haranguing me for a PlayStation 4 for years now. I’m fed up. So they’re getting this, courtesy of their former packaging designer dad. Yes, I’ve worked with quite a few Chinese vendors. No, the game titles on the back aren’t “real.” (But yes, there’s a real “PS4” in there.)